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Mother Tongue Resources

Why is play important?

What is Inquiry and our Units

Inquiry in Maths

Inquiry in Literacy

Social and Emotional Development

What you can do at home

What is Inquiry?

What we are Inquiring into


Inquiry in Maths

Inquiry in Literacy

Fundamentals of the Kimochis Way

Our classroom will become a caring community of learners as we help students understand, embrace, and communicate with the following beliefs of how to treat people. The Golden Rule (treat others how you want to be treated) is at the heart of the Kimochis Way. The following additional principles will help our students learn to make caring choices during challenging times.

  • Everyone Matters, Everyone Counts!
  • Everyone Has Feelings
  • Everyone Wants to Belong and Be Included
  • There is Room for Everyone at School
  • Everyone Makes Mistakes

*As we continue to learn about each Kimochi during Counselor's Corner, we will add more information.

In Grade 1, we celebrating our mistakes to help us learn. Watch Mojo to learn more about how mistakes help us learn!

Open-Ended Questions

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